Pet Policy

Bring your small friend with you when you stay with us!

We are animal lovers at heart and have a sweet little man named Dillon whose feeding and potty needs our lives revolve around. But we also must balance the needs of guests with allergies and the stewardship of this historic building with our desire to host pets. With that in mind, our Carriage Suite is the only room where pets are allowed.

​Pets and their caretakers must follow some rules:

  • We allow up to two well-behaved dogs or cats in the Carriage Suite only. For more or other types of animals please contact us to discuss.
  • There is a one time $40 pet fee added to the reservation. Our software does not allow us to add this automatically, so if you are bringing a pet please choose that add-on at the time of reservation.
  • Pets are only allowed in the Carriage Suite and must enter and exit through the private exterior door provided. Pets are not allowed anywhere else in the building.
  • Pets can only be left unattended within the Carriage Suite if they are very well behaved. Dogs that have a penchant for barking must have a human attendant with them at all times to keep noise to a minimum. Dogs that have anxiety when left alone should be crated to avoid any potential damage.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash or within a fully enclosed kennel or cage at all times when outside of the Carriage Suite.
  • Please clean up after your pet if they potty on the grounds.
  • Remember that some people are afraid of and/or allergic to animals, so please give other guests a wide berth when walking pets on the grounds.